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hubbub is now available in Spanish!

At hubbub health, we recognize that every organization has different needs, so we’re continuously improving our product to enable organizations to better engage their employees. Our most recent update provides players the option to customize their language settings so they are able to use the platform in Spanish. This new change allows employers with multilingual teams to make hubbub easier to use for their Spanish-speaking employees.

The new language option improves the ability of Spanish-speaking players to reach their health and wellness goals by allowing them to use hubbub in their preferred language. Players can view static content in Spanish, including menus and the recent activity section on the main page. Challenges are currently only available in English, but both employers and players can choose to create challenges in Spanish to engage with Spanish speakers on hubbub.

hubbub players can easily change their preferred language to Spanish for the mobile app by changing their language preference in their settings. It is even easier for players to change on the desktop by clicking the arrow next to their name on the dropdown menu and selecting the Language option. Players can also choose a language when setting up or editing their profile.

To learn more about hubbub’s diverse offerings reach out to our sales executives.