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More positive, more productive: how a player found her "happy place."

Meet Mischief_Managed, also known in the real world as Jen. From fist-bump mania to friendly competition to spreading words of encouragement coded in an evolving hubbub lingo, Jen is, dare we say, a hubbub hero.

Her transformation began in January of 2014 when her company, TwinStar Credit Union, signed on with hubbub as part of its wellness program. Since then, Jen says, "hubbub has kept me accountable for the stuff I say I'll do. I drink down those extra ounces of water before day's end, and if need be, I do 20 more jumping jacks before bed."

Jen's key to feeling good is keeping on track. That means eating smarter and taking time for herself. "I'm a mom, and I have a hard time remembering it's okay to take me time." Enter Jen's favorite challenge categories: nourish, balance and mingle. Checking in to these types of challenges have become part of Jen's daily life. "They make me happy, and I'm especially proud of the challenges I create myself." Jen goes on to explain the effect of bringing people together in a safe environment, "The dialogue opens up, people root others on, and there's an exchange of healthy food for thought."

In true Jen fashion, she was kind enough to share some time with us for a brief Q&A. "Badges are like virtual gold stickers!" is just one example of the awesome Jen-isms we walked away with. Check it out.

Q. Jen, what were your first impressions of hubbub as a newbie?

A. That it was a drama-free version of Facebook. No one vents, no one judges, no one tries to one-up anyone else; there are no divas. Everyone is just positive. It’s refreshing.

Q. How has hubbub changed your daily routine or lifestyle?

A. Odd as it sounds, I spend less time online and more time catching up on things I’ve been putting off. Like organizing my house. Most of my social networking time is spent on hubbub now and hubbub motivates me to be more productive.

Q. How do you feel about hubbub’s social element?

A. I have friends through hubbub who otherwise are total strangers to me. But, I genuinely care about them and look forward to hearing how they’re doing. We share laughs and photos; we follow each other around to different challenges, which helps us branch out to activities we wouldn’t normally do. I actually just met some of my hubbub friends for the first time in real life over archery, which I’ve never done before, and I’m going to be meeting with another one soon for an upcoming fun run.

Q. If you could sum up hubbub into one word, what would it be?

A. Is ‘happy place’ one word? hubbub is where I go to make my brain and soul happy. I feel good when I hubbub, and it shows. I’m more smiley on great hubbub days.

Q. We can’t help but ask… what does your hubbub name mean?

A. Ha ha… you must not be a Harry Potter fanatic. There’s this map, and the only way to see what’s on it is to say ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.’ Then to hide what’s on it, you have to say, ‘mischief managed.’ I find those words suiting to my personality.

Thank you Jen, aka Mischief_Managed, for making hubbub a happier place for us all.