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If the dress fits: how one player’s getting to the best version of herself.

She goes by Sherlock. Why? Maybe it’s because she’s like a private eye investigating new ways of living healthier … or maybe it’s because she’s a hoot of a character (she had us rolling on the floor with laughter). In real life, Christina is a friend, a wife, a mother and a working woman learning to take care of herself for the long-haul. “I want my body to be strong, so I can keep up with my kids as they get older. I want to be around for them.”

With borderline high blood pressure, high cholesterol and carrying a few extra pounds, you might say her desk job was getting the best of her. Then along came her first clue. “Before hubbub, I sat at work all day long. I didn’t eat breakfast. I couldn’t commit to a regular workout. And then came hubbub with this idea of doing small, daily challenges.”

“It’s all about the little things,” Christina says. And 12-pounds lighter later, she’s kindly invited us into her “hubbubble,” for a Q&A. (“hubbubble” is what Christina and her buddies call their group of friends on hubbub.)

Q. What’s motivating you to keep wellness a priority?

A. I’m wildly competitive, and something as simple as a badge is enough to entice me. Feeling good is another–and being a good example for my children. But, there’s also this beautiful dress … I bought it 6 years ago and then got pregnant with my first child (shortly followed by my second!). I never got the chance to wear it out, but I’m ‘this close’ to fitting back into it again.

Q. How has your daily routine changed?

A. Sometimes I have to steal my hubbub time. You can find me doing squats while making pancakes for my kids and lunges down the aisles of Home Depot (my husband understands!). You need to squeeze it in where you can. But, I’m climbing stairs, doing jumping jacks and push-ups, drinking water, eating lunch. Breakfast was always a struggle; now I eat it every day because I’m all about the check-in for MVM– Most Valuable Meal. I exercise with my family, go for runs with my neighbor and do yoga regularly.

Q. How does hubbub fit into your workday?

A. I used to only leave my office to either use the restroom or get fresh ice for my water. hubbub is my motivation to get out and move around. We’re at our desks all day, so I try to encourage my coworkers to do the same. I make pennants of hubbub’s logo and offer them up as fun pick-me-ups–but I’m going to make you earn it! A coworker at another location and I are trying to create new company challenges that will get more of our coworkers involved.

Q. What challenges have made the most impact on you?

A. I try to be balanced in the types of challenges I do, after all, hubbub’s a holistic approach, right? But, the Sarge’s* 7-day challenges really keep me in line–she pushes everyone to finish. A while back, there was this yoga challenge, and I decided to give it a whirl–it was like euphoria. So, now I do yoga on my own 3 times a week. I’ll pretty much bust my rump for any challenge that comes with badge. There was a running challenge recently, and I’ve never been a runner, but I was running like Forest Gump to get that badge.

Q. If you had to sum up hubbub into one word, what would it be?

A. Getting people to the best version of themselves. (Sorry, can’t do in one word). hubbub helps me take care of myself. It makes me mindful of what I’m putting into my body and what the direct results of those choices are. It’s also brought me closer to my kids. They’re my little cheer squad and like to see what it takes to check in and ultimately complete a challenge … and of course, what is the badge is going to look like!?!

Sherlock, you put the bubbly in hubbubble. Thank you for bringing a world of fun and inspiration to your fellow hubbub players and us, too. Can we have a pennant?

* Sarge is the nickname of active hubbub player, Sergeant_Wulfwyn.